Wendy Kramer is the Co-Founder of the Donor Sibling Registry which was formed in 2000 because there was a gap in the market that was starting to emerge and curious people were seeking answers or seeking connections. She was that parent back in a time when doctors told their patients to lie about their child’s origin to go against the grain. Transparency was key in her mind and her son Ryan first asked about his origin at the age of 2 which set the ball rolling on how she was going to prepare for this road ahead.

Over the past 2 decades, Wendy has dedicated her life to donor-conceived people, she shares her stories and the studies that have taken place within her 89,000 community, as she continues to produce educational resources in a working week that consists of 70 hours plus. In this episode, she shares her vast array of knowledge and shares her thoughts on where the sperm banks are failing us.

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