Kenn Israel who lives between Uzbekistan and California has over 3 decades of experience in dietary supplements, functional food, and natural products. He is the founder and manager of Innovation Nutrition Consulting LLC, in other words, he is the full bottle when it comes to the importance of understanding this innovative field of expertise and I tracked him down to share his words of wisdom to our community.

We speak about a large number of fertile vitamins and supplements on the market, we explore options for those experiencing Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome and what they can take to restore balance. What Vitamins do you have to stop taking once pregnant that could become harmful? How Do you identify and pick the best prenatal vitamin? What’s the difference between folic acid vs folate? What are other key active forms ingredients that actually make a prenatal effective? All this and more a must listen to those who are serious about their fertility and the baby’s health.

Facebook:Kenn Israel
Group:Sperm Donation USA
Website:Innovation Nutrition Consulting LLC
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Media:Pregnancy Podcast, Nutraceuticals World
Vitamins/Supplements mentioned in the episodePurpose
Pre-Natal with an L-5-methyl-tetrahydrofolateFemale Multi-Vitamin
L-5-methyl-tetrahydrofolateCorrect Folate
Male and Female Fertility
AshwagandhaMale and Female Fertility
Chasteberry (Vitex Agnus-Castus)PCOS – Hormone Balance
Dong QuaiPCOS – Hormone Balance
Myo InositolPCOS – Hormone Balance
Male and Female Fertility
D-Chiro InositolPCOS – Hormone Balance
MotherwortPCOS – Hormone Balance
Uterine Lining
Chromium PicolinatePCOS – Blood Glucose levels
SeleniumPCOS – Blood Glucose levels
Male and Female Fertility
IodinePCOS – Thyroid Function
Black CurcuminPCOS – Cyst Disappearance
Female Fertility
GarlicBlood Thinning
Male and Female Fertility
Baby Aspirin Blood Thinning
Male and Female Fertility
GingerBlood Thinning
Female Fertility
Bioperine (Long Pepper Extract)Metabolism
Male and Female Fertility
Male and Female Fertility
Restoring Vaginal Ph balance (Sperm friendly)
Male and Female Fertility
Vitamin B Pyridoxal PhosphateHormone Balance
Male and Female Fertility
Methyl B12Male and Female Fertility
Omega 3Male and Female Fertility
COQ10Male and Female Fertility
COQ10 UbiquinolMale and Female Fertility for over 35
Male and Female Fertility
Gogi Berry ExtractAnti-Oxidant
Male and Female Fertility
Royal JellyUnique Amino Acids and Enzyemes
Male and Female Fertility
PropolisMale and Female Fertility
BromelinThickens Uterine Lining for implantation
CollagenMale and Female Fertility for over 30
Asphaltum ShilajitMale Fertility
L-CarnitineMale Fertility