Come with us as we go on a journey down Niagra Falls and we get to meet a couple of donors based in Canada one of the founding fathers from the far west in British Columbia (Todd G. Daigneault) and the other in the far west in Ontario (Red Phoenix). We get to learn how these canadians do their business

We hear first from Red as reveals the problem with clinics as we discuss how his sperm doesn’t dethaw. We also talk about Belgium and France where he previously donated before moving to North America. We discuss eye colour dominance, candian law and why he uses an alias.

Arguabley we saved the best to last with Todd G. Daigneualt administrator of a few North American Facebook groups. He takes us on another history lesson as an experienced Donor, many accredit him being the first shipping donor, we discuss that and now how times are changing with customs putting restrictions on exporting it over the border. Todd talks about how he respects the ladies and tells us of a story on how he healed a lady, quiet the charmer.

Facebook:Todd G. Daigneault,
Red Phoenix