Being donor conceived can be challenging in its own right. Being able to process your own existence and how you found your place on this Earth quite often after already living many years believing something entirely different can be a bitter pill to swallow. We share the life story of Madi, Robyn, and Allysen and how they became connected, and their donor-conceived journeys.

While forming new sibling connections, things were to suddenly change once the donor was finally contacted. Their Donor was formally known to them as “donor 8928” Bryce Cleary wasn’t happy when he found out the clinic OHSU had allegedly lied to him about the number of children that were to be born from his donations and their locations all were meant to be on the east coast. Ultimately none of the current 20 known existing siblings should be alive had the clinic respected this. As a result, a 5.25 Million dollar lawsuit has been launched thrusting everyone into the media spotlight.

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