Adam Hooper travel to Interstate or out of the country to donate


This page is for potential recipients from other states who wish to use me as their donor. For the select few that I gel and match with, I don’t mind giving up a week window of my time to travel to cover the ovulation window.

All this can be discussed privately and with video, calls to know we’re the right fit.

This page is for ticket prices to and from destinations which can be adjusted based on actual flight costs.


For me, Sperm donation isn’t a transaction, from studying donor-conceived people’s needs and wants it’s signing up for a journey. I look for recipients who are friendly, easy-going, and most importantly drama free, I value loyalty and building bridges not burning them down. My relationship with previous recipients has always been smooth sailing, I don’t believe in arguing or telling you how to parent. We decidedd during our communications to begin with if we’re a right fit. I have a recipient private group on Facebook, it’s important to avoid incest, and this is why I have never given away my sperm to clinics at their jurisdiction to hand it out to anyone next in line it’s dangerous and putting my own children at risk it’s important to have a system in place that protects all parties. With yourselves being from another state the number of children would be minimal far less than say the local average donor in your area. For me I want you to have the best experience using a donor something you can be proud to tell your family and friends about.

For me donating sperm is about leading by example running this large community is about changing the world, making it more accepting, and normalizing sperm donation in society as a meaningful way to create families. So the children can grow up in an environment and attend schools that are all educated about it. For the recipients that pick me, it’s nice for them to choose me as that whole package not only my personality qualities or physical features but because they also believe in the cause that I am doing. These days running the group I don’t really have time to inquire about helping people and because I run the group people who may consider me also feel I may be unapproachable or filled with many requests, truth is since I started the admin position hardly anyone reaches out, so I do have free time.

So with my free time, I can travel for a week to cover the ovulation window, for me travel is about soaking up the environment and area the children will grow up around and getting a feel of the lifestyle they will have, it means so much more to travel knowing a child could be potentially growing up there. I am also open for you traveling to Perth and experiencing that, I am happy to take you around and sightsee all the best areas in Perth or even Margeret River and Rottnest to get a Quokka selfie.  I am also happy just to meet for a donation if sightseeing isn’t your thing.

I became a donor because everyone lives to 90 years plus and got there with good health, health is the most important attribute in all of this. Without it, I could have never been a donor. I like eating healthy, keeping fit at the gym, and often playing sports with my daughter having a kick and running around. I like getting out and about enjoying life and what it has to offer. I am a very easy going peaceful character that wants to change the world for the better and bring out the best in others.

If you have anymore questions feel free to dm on my instagram @Spermdonationworld





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