Adam Hooper travel to egypt to donate.


Adam Hooper is a firm believer in being a parent and the joy it brought to him and that’s why he created his communities. Having become single recently, he has more time on his hands (no pun intended) and due to already helping a few families in Western Australia would rather shift his focus to eastern states and overseas people in helping their dreams come true as I would like to limit the number of children in one specific state/country.

Had my genetic testing done, I do not carry any genetic defunct carrier genes, and my family live to all around 90 years old of age. As for Sperm quality, I range from 500 Million up to 1.1 Billion per sample provided, this is done through a fertility-friendly diet, with vitamins and supplements to help ensure that the child has every chance of being 100% healthy.

With my type of work commitments, I often get a week off at a time, which allows me the opportunity to travel. If you are interested, please feel free to contact Adam Hooper via Social Media or email at


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