Artificial Insemination Syringe Pack



These new Ai syringes were purposely designed and created for Artificial Insemination specifically for conception in the past we traditionally used 10ml Oral Syringes, many women complained of discomfort as that tip on the end was quite abrasive.

The new  Ai syringe is designed with a rounded edge making insemination that much smoother and manufactured skinnier yet longer in-depth allowing easy insertion while being able to reach in closer to the cervix for where you want the sperm to be ideally placed.

This Ai Syringe pack comes with

16x Artificial Insemination 10ml Syringes


Buy now and get included…

L.E.D lighted medium Speculum valued at $25 online For precision insemination!

Tracking Order: If in Australia download the Auspost App on your phone with the number associated with your order. Must have the app registered before dispatch for it to track the parcel.

Next Postal Dispatch date:   21st March 2023 then daily onwards from then if any inquiries feel free to message me.


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