ICI/IUI Artificial Insemination Kit




Intracervical Insemination (ICI) is the process of transferring semen or ejaculate directly into the female reproductive tract, right at or near the cervical opening – which is basically the door to the uterus. This can be done with unwashed sperm. The average cervix length is 3 to 4cm So by using the speculum you can insert the catheter centimeter or 2 in and inseminate. This helps for precision insemination and avoids the acidic conditions of the vagina that ain’t sperm-friendly.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a fertility treatment where sperm are placed directly into a female uterus. This is more commonly done using washed sperm and that means inserting the catheter is further passing the cervix all the way into the uterus. In Sperm Donation World history some people have taken it upon themselves to inseminate this way with unwashed sperm although legally speaking we can’t recommend advising to do so and this product is mainly here for our livestock breeders. Some females in the community who have done this have experienced mild cramps but it’s reported out there that there are rare cases of strong contractions and severe cramping and uterine collapse. So it’s best to seek medical advice, or follow your countries agency guidelines or stick to ICI if any doubt. Check out the IUI and ICI page for more info

This Kit contains

1x IUI/ICI Catheter
1x IUI 5ml Syringe
1x Speculum
1x Specimen Cup

Note: In some countries of purchase this can only be sold for purpose of veterinary use only.
Disclaimer: Please talk to your licensed practitioner if you have any doubt.


Next Postal Dispatch date: 5th October 2021.


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